The impacts of climate change are vast, impacting people in communities around the world.

Around the world, MCC’s partners work to support people in adapting to the challenges of climate change. Climate change is making difficult situations even worse. To work for just and durable peace is to name, dismantle and transform structures and legacies of injustice, including those that contribute to differential impacts of climate change around the world.

As two of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, Canada and the United States have a responsibility to not only lower their own emissions, but to support those in countries who have significantly lower emissions but face disproportionately higher effects. The federal governments in Canada and the U.S. can – and must – generate the kind of change that would make a difference. We need your voice to help bring about climate justice.

the Canadian policy recommendations

Climate change + justice in Canada: Stronger support for adaptation

Calling on our governments to support policies and practices that uphold right relationships is one way that we can work for a better future for all. This includes calling on Canada, as both a wealthy country and one of the biggest per capita emitters of Greenhouse Gases, to support both global climate mitigation and adaptation efforts equally. Climate adaptation is about helping communities adjust and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The urgent situation in many communities around the world calls for more action now, especially supporting more locally led climate adaptation initiatives, designed, and run by local partners from the ground up.


Climate change + justice in Canada: Stronger mitigation response

Canada’s global contributions to climate action are moving in the right direction, but more fair and equitable policies are needed. As one of the highest per capita emitters, Canada has a moral obligation to share the burden of climate change impacts by not only meeting its own emissions reduction targets but also forwarding fair-share contributions through international climate finance mechanisms.

the U.S. policy recommendations

Climate change + justice in the U.S.: Support responsible mining practices

Critical minerals are essential components of solar panels, wind turbines and electric batteries — all important in the transition to cleaner sources of energy. The mining for these minerals, however, can have enormous negative effects: polluted air, water, and soil; the exploitation of workers; and the desecration of sacred Indigenous sites. Unless local communities are consulted in the process to approve mines, and unless permitting processes are strong, the rush to increase clean energy production could devastate communities in the U.S. and globally.


Climate change + justice in the U.S.: Support international climate finance accounts

U.S. foreign assistance is one way to help communities adapt to changing weather patterns, build resilience and mitigate future emissions. In its budget for fiscal year 2024, Congress should support a robust investment in international development, including at least $7 billion for international climate finance accounts such as the Green Climate Fund. This amount would equal about 0.8% of the FY2023 Pentagon budget. Please ask your members of Congress to support this investment in a more peaceful and resilient world!

Climate action for peace.

Help us send a message to decision makers. With your voice, we can ensure Canadian and U.S. climate policy is rooted in serving people and supporting long-standing initiatives that will help bring lasting, just peace for people around the world.

See how people worldwide, with the help of MCC’s partners, are taking action to respond to the impacts of climate change.

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